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Ministry of Health

Pharmacy Clinical Services

Medication Review Services

As of April 1, 2011, community pharmacy-based pharmacists can submit a fee to PharmaCare for medication review services provided to eligible recipients.

The objectives of paying for medication review services are to increase communication between patients and pharmacists, promote safe and effective medication use, and improve health outcomes for patients.

Medication review services are provided by a pharmacist through an individualized, in-person appointment in a suitable private area. The pharmacist meets with the patient to gather all pertinent information about all the patient’s medications.

All the medications are reviewed by the pharmacist with the patient to improve the patient’s understanding of their medications, including what medications the patient is taking, why the patient is taking each medication, and how best to take each medication.

The pharmacist prepares a Best Possible Medication History (BPMH) which acts as the record of care provided. The BPMH includes all prescription medications, non-prescription medications and natural health products the patient is taking. One copy of this document is provided to the patient and another is kept in the pharmacy files. For continuity of care purposes, the BPMH may be made available to other health care professionals upon request.

Although pharmacists have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide medication review services, and the provision of these services is within the existing scope of practice for pharmacists, this initiative standardizes how medication review services are delivered across B.C.

More information for pharmacists about medication review services can be found online in the PharmaCare Policy Manual, Section 8.9.